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Why Us?

We combine intelligent thinking, beautifully crafted ideas and powerful messaging to produce engaging and effective Graphics design in surat.

Since ten years we’ve been creating and redefining brands, helping our clients stand out and be more successful.

We value our clients’ knowledge and expertise; we listen carefully and take time to understand their core needs. We’re ambitious on their behalf, and channel our many years of experience and passion into their business.

What We do?

We create brand identities, brand communications and marketing campaigns. We run workshops and discover insightful brand strategies that enable us to develop distinctive names and identities.

We produce creative print and literature, digital communications including website design, as well as exhibition graphics and event branding. We also create inspiring brand guidelines and provide ongoing support and brand guardianship. Every project is overseen by an experienced graphics design Director who takes responsibility for the whole job, from concept to Creation and accomplishment.

What We believe?

Innovative and Intelligent creativity adds real value to your business. By turning strategic insights into big ideas, we engage audiences and help organizations stand out from the competition. But great ideas alone are not enough. To make them truly effective, they need to be carefully nurtured and beautifully executed.

We’re one of the few Design houses that invest as much effort into crafting the smallest details as we do into creating the big ideas. And we also know that looks aren’t everything – what you say and how you say it are equally important too. We love working with words and we believe that engaging messaging and great copywriting are integral to successful design.


At Graffix Design , we’re marvelous creative specialists, but more importantly, we’re results-driven design thinkers. Our process starts with insights (really good questions) which lead to ideas (really good answers) which help us to craft a solution. Whether it’s building a brand, a website, a magazine, a marketing campaign, or any other project in the ever-growing realm of design, our process remains the same and our results speak for themselves.

We bring to the table over a decade of collective design experience, creative expertise, software skills, web know-how, print production knowledge, and the list goes on. Best of all, we’re a small and nimble design team that can adapt to the needs and requirements of any design project, big or small. We work with large premium brands and established organizations creating cutting-edge design solutions across a variety of platforms, and we can do the same for the little guys too.

Basically, we do all kinds of Marvelous Design stuff.Than let’s start with Graffitix Design House


Our Team

The Men Behind The Glasses Of Graffitix Design House

<h4>Manish Prajapati</h4>

Manish Prajapati

Art Director

To truly understand and use a piece of theory properly, we need to know why it became worth knowing — in what conditions was it first developed and used, why was it successful and what was its original purpose and audience? Without this knowledge, how could we use it effectively?

Rather than simply borrowing style, ideas about layout can be learned and expanded upon. We can see what ideas worked and what didn’t, allowing us to skip previous mistakes and forge forward, treading on new ground in familiar shoes.

“Graphic designers should be literate in graphic design history. Being able to design well is not always enough. Knowing the roots of design is necessary to avoid reinvention, no less inadvertent plagiarism.”

<h4>   Apurva Pathak</h4>

Apurva Pathak

Phenomenal Sophist

Think of ways to turn visualization into action.The next natural step of this is to think of just how you’re going to get to where you see yourself. Just picturing it isn’t going to make it happen, so create a plan to take it one step at a time until you’ve made it.

Truly believe you are the best at your job. If you’re constantly looking for failures in your work and put on a sour attitude you’re much more likely to actually be putting in a poor performance. If you think that you’re good at your job you’re much more likely to put in the effort and performance that will make you good.

"GOOD DESIGN isn't just about skill with pixels and pencils.
GOOD DESIGN is about process, strategy and an overall design philosophy that guides every decision."

Skill with pixels and pencils helps


Branding, Logos & Identity Solutions

Branding, Logos & Identity Solutions

We work with clients to build unique and professional brand identities that create positive connections with customers. We also specialize in the development of brand standards and identity guidelines to help ensure that communication is consistently impactful throughout every application.

Creative Direction / Design Consultation

Creative Direction / Design Consultation

Do you have a project or campaign that needs some creative direction to bring it to life? We can help with concepts, copywriting, sourcing imagery, and establishing look & feel. We've created award winning campaigns for our clients.

Point of Sale Advertising & Displays

Point of Sale Advertising & Displays

In-store displays, signage, posters, and coupons are among the many forms of Point of Sale materials we've created for premium brands in major retail stores. We work with complex die cut corrugate substrates to showcase products and grab the attention of the customer where it matters most – in the store!

Illustration– Traditional/Digital

Illustration– Traditional/Digital

We're masters of the pencil, brush, mouse and pen tool. We create unique, custom illustrations for our clients using a range of methods from the traditional (drawing, painting, screen printing) to more modern digital techniques (vector graphics, digital painting, etc.)

Website Design, Interaction Design

Website Design, Interaction Design

The web is an ever-expanding realm of new technology, languages and trends. We help our clients navigate the waters and find the solution that makes the most sense for their business, whether it's a custom site built from scratch or a site built with appropriate platform.


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34-35/Gala-Type,Wadiyanagar Society,
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Manish Prajapati +91 97268 50590

Apurva Pathak +91 93274 49674




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